Malindex Network (AS208328) is a non-profit international network program operated by Shanghai Funxun Network Technology Co.,Ltd.(CN) and Malindex Network Limited(GB). The network is only for education and experiment. We are happy to share our experience with anyone interested in the Internet.


POP Port Speed Connected IXP
Tokyo 1Gbps 4IXP Zurich, EVIX Fremont


We are happy to peer with any network that is not spam or abuse.
Please feel free to talk with us if you have any intention.

  • 208328 AS Number
  • Open Peering Policy

IXP Peering

IXP Port Speed IPv6
4IXP Zurich 1Gbps Established
EVIX Fremont 1Gbps (Over Virtual Layer-2) Established

Remote Peering

POP Port Speed Peering Manner
Tokyo,JP 1Gbps Virtual Layer-2(Zerotier)

How to peer?

Please feel free to send an e-mail to our NOC.
We'll reply to you as soon as possible.